Duran is a 2007 graduate of Hampton University, with a BA in Broadcast Journalism. He is an accomplished independent rapper and songwriter with a keen sense of storytelling. In 2017, he completed his first short film “BLKMGC,” an urban musical based on the shooting death of Tamir Rice at the hands of police. Duran is also known for “Skittles and Arizona,” his 2011 tribute to Trayvon Martin and subsequent interview on CNN. His goal is to tell stories for people of color that are truthful and impact the global community.


In 2019 Duran embarked upon a journey to obtain an MFA from The American Film Institute. Currently finishing his first year in the program, Duran has sought to push the boundaries of social impact stories with his works. He currently serves as a Fellow Affairs Committee Student Representative, PGA Student Ambassador, and a 2020 PGA Power of Diversity initiate.

No stranger to story or the written word, Duran uses his personal connection to the material to create a stories of truth and power through forgiveness.