Duran is an accomplished rapper and songwriter originally from Maryland, but is forming new roots here in Atlanta.  He considers his style a soulful, smoky, savory, sweet gumbo that has become a signature- or blueprint- of his rhyming patterns and writing style. His musical journey has led him places many artists only dream and in recording studios with hip hop heavyweights crafting songs and showcasing his talents. His song “Skittles & Arizona”, a Trayvon Martin tribute, was featured on CBS 46 Atlanta with a subsequent interview with CNN. Although he has been pursuing music since 12 years old, Duran keeps a humble attitude. The stage is like his second home; a place where he is free and can shine like the rising star he is.


Duran also made his acting debut as Jeremy in New African Grove’s production of "Joe Turner’s Come and Gone," which led to his brilliant performance as Booth in Songs of Karibu's production of "Topdog Underdog," Most recently he can be seen Co-starring in the upcoming seasons of 20th Century Fox's "The Resident" and IFC's "Brockmire. 


Duran knows that his style follows him in all of his artistry and that has placed him on stages with some of rap music’s most elite and on camera with Hollywood notables. Including Big Sean, Juicy J, Hank Azaria and GregAlan Williams. Duran is a triple-threat that this industry has yet to see.