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About Duran

Duran is a 2007 graduate of Hampton University, with a BA in Broadcast Journalism. He is an accomplished independent rapper and songwriter with a keen sense of storytelling. In 2017, he completed his first short film titled BLKMGC, an urban musical based on the shooting death of Tamir Rice at the hands of police. Duran is also known for his 2011 tribute to Trayvon Martin and his subsequent interview on CNN.
Now a graduate of The American Film Institute Conservatory, his goal is to tell stories for people of color that are truthful and impact the global community.

While studying at AFI he graduated from the 2020 PGA Power of Diversity workshop, where his pilot “Daywalker” received interest from Mary Parent, Gary Lucchesi, and Prentice Penny. Duran was also selected as a 2021 Sundance Feature Film Producers Lab Fellow with the script "The Incredible Heist of Hallelujah Jones" written by Victor Gabriel and “Hallelujah” the proof of concept for that feature directed by Gabriel, won the Grand Prix for Best Short and the Best Producer Award for Jones at the HollyShorts Film Festival; qualifying for the Oscars.

My latest projects

Developing Projects


Format: TV Series

Genre: Fantasy

Logline: The day after his 25th birthday, egocentric fast rising corporate attorney, NaShariff Wallace learns he’s the descendent of an ancient African tribe of immortals called “Daywalkers” being hunted by traditional vampires called “Burners.” As the key to lifting the Burner’s curse, which would free them to live & kill in the daylight, NaShariff must fight to save everyone he loves from burner leader Cassidy.

Role: Creator, Producer, Co-writer

Format: Short

Genre: Drama

Logline: After spending 7 years in prison, Malcolm seeks to mend his relationship with his mother while devoting himself as a consistent and faithful new convert to Islam.

Role: Writer, Producer


Format: Feature Film

Genre: Traumedy

Logline: During a season of extreme gun violence in Compton CA, a precocious book thief, who hears the voices of his dead parents, discovers that a novel belonging to his family is being auctioned off and with the help of the neighborhood matriarch, a 100-year-old black woman, he concocts a plan to steal it back. What follows is a hilarious, moving journey of a black boy learning to grieve and finding the will to continue living.

Role: Producer


Format: Feature Documentary

Genre: Documentary

Logline: Knowing that there’s more to my story than what’s been given, I will embark on a journey through my family history, beyond slavery, in hopes of linking me to the country and tribe of my origin.” 

Role: Director, Producer

ZONES 2.png


Format: TV Series

Genre: Crime Drama

Logline: Atlanta, GA 1990: A teenage girl with dreams of owning her own record label, is forced to take over her father's drug trafficking ring; while city officials employ a violent drug task force to clean the streets before the 1996 Olympic Games.

Role: Co-writer

Logo 1.png

Format: Short Film

Genre: YA Drama

Logline: An Indian American teenage girl, discovers a newfound appreciation for her Indian culture with help from her deceased grandmother. 

Role: Director

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